Alexandre Melo

There's the word, the thing and the concept. My father told me: when i was a kid i would listen the older guys talking about beer, i'd watch them ask and drink beers. One day he asked for a beer and, after tasting it told the barmaid that the beer wasn't good. Then we grow up.

Beverage names have an atraction power that precedes them and outranks them maybe. Wine or beer are universal certainties like father or truth.

And then there's teen beverages, and post-teen, which is now something that seems to never begin and never end. The brands aura is now stronger than the generic name of beverages.

Gin (it used to be Gordon's) has a magnetic resonance shaped like an abyss. Jack Daniels would correspond to some kind of manliness. Marketing, design, to each one their label and their bottle.

Vodka imposes a glacial explosion, slow but relentless. The world's most transparent drink. For some time, it was fantasy of perpetual night. Absolut as absolute quickly turns into a cliché. Stoli has leftover of russian soul that lengthens trace and drags destiny.

Nothing exists without context. Stoli's not even night. It's adverstisement for beach parties in Mykonos or in Costa Smeralda where some hours before the sunset the Mediterranean sky transforms itself into scenery paper for Los Angeles pools or Miami bars. So far it's just me rambling about. Things pretending to be poetic or sociologic remarks.

The video 'Stoli, you stole my heart' (2013) by Tiago Alexandre is simple, straightforward, economical, casual, elemental. It's also political.

The grain of the voice associates with word stresses (one of rap's crazes). The affliction of the beat that repeats itself (broken, another rap craze) and that is going nowhere.

A bar of nearly nothing: a dozen of small coins almost worthless. The anxiety of the vacuum, that is to say, time passing by and things that repeat themselves with nothing happening. A bar that is not even a bar, near Terreiro do Paço that, as we know, is a space loaded with symbolism. The bar before the inauguration of the summer before it arrives or, even better, the bar that will not inaugurate of the summer that will not arrive.

Nowadays every 5 minutes a portuguese leaves Portugal. Finally.